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Green eyes, dimples, and part Irish/Scottish/Dutch.

This is crazy...

Thankfully he doesn't have an Irish accent or I'd have been a puddle at his feet the moment he spoke to me.

Gut instinct is to run like the wind. But...I also know I REALLY want to stay...so I am.


So I got a call from the vet on Tue that Tigger was ready to be picked up. I ordered his urn (the heart one) on Mon and was told it would be 5-7 business days before it arrived and they would send him back over to the vet's office in that. Epic fail. He came to me in a dark cherry wood box. It's a nice box but it's not what I picked out. So I call them up and the lady I ordered the urn was upset once she found out that no one followed the instructions she had written out for them. So they are coming to my house tomorrow morning at 10 to pick him up and put him in his urn. Not all of him will fit in there so the remainder will be returned to us in the cherry wood box which I will give to Austin. They enclosed a card with the Rainbow Bridge passage and on it they had done an ink print of his paw.

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To say that I'm exhausted is putting it mildly. I'm not sleeping. I miss him like crazy. Thankfully Judy is doing well and seems actually a lot happier that she is the only cat in the house. She was running around last night playing. She is sitting on the couch with us at the moment watching Monsters University. Ok we are watching the movie, she's dozing. I'm very glad about that because I don't think I could deal with having to introduce another animal into the house again.

Looking forward to the day that I have no more pets. Don't get me wrong I love animals. But I'm at a point in my life that I no longer want the responsiblity of taking care of or cleaning up after them. I know I will get another pet when I'm older, but I have some traveling I'd like to do once my son graduates from high school and I don't want to have to worry about who is going to be taking care of my pet or worrying about how much I miss them or they miss me.


He had a spoiled kitty breakfast of blueberry donut, cherry Greek yogurt, and milk. I realized last night that in nearly 9 years I never had a pic taken of the two of us. So we did that this morning before heading to the vet.

Coming home daily will be hard as he will no longer greet me at the door. The mornings will be tough too as he usually wakes me with his purr and snuggles with me.

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Today is Tigger's last day with us. We love you little man.

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I just realized I unconsciously color coordinated my makeup with my clothes today. Purple. Since that's the color of royalty I'm sportin' my princess shoes today. Humph.

In Tigger news - he has borderline diabetes. We are changing his diet to prescription food (which will run me about %50-60 a month.....ouch). In two weeks we will do another home *tinkle* test which will determine Tigger's fate. I cannot afford insulin/other treatments so if this does not clear up with the change in diet, it will be time to put him to rest. He's having to use a stepstool to even get into the bed.

Cat condo disposed of, basic scratching post purchased.

Celebrated my one year anniversary at my new job. Yesterday I was supporting 13 people, but today 12 as one of my ladies left the company. The new guy on my desk? Hil---arious! He had me in stitches today as well as one of the ladies on my desk. I really do LOVE LOVE LOVE this job!!

Tigger update. Both blood and urine tests show his sugar slightly elevated. It could be the beginning of diabetes or the stress of the vet visit. Next step is going to be a home urine test which will tell for sure. If this is the case we will change his food to high protein/low carb (expensive prescription food) and keep his food quantity intake to under a cup a day.

Also I need to get rid of the 3 story cat condo and invest in a smaller one so he's not jumping from high and continuing to irritate the possible sprain.


To put my beloved Maine Coon, Tigger, to sleep. He will be 9 in June. He is having trouble walking and jumping. It is heartbreaking. I thought he would be with me longer. Have to call the vet tomorrow to get an appointment. I'm hoping its something simple and not expensive. I just lost my Tipper 5 years ago. He was Tigger's twin brother.

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They always do such cute designs for the holiday. Today was no exception. Text first thing this morning was from ex-bf who says "You need to go look at the Google page."

I squee'd.

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