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Almost there - I think I might actually make my 50 this year!!

35. Temptation Ridge - Robyn Carr
36. I Bring the Fire - C. Gockel
37. Heart of the Sea - Nora Roberts

38. Game, Set, Match - Nana Malone
39. The Presence - Heather Graham

39 out of 50 books read
11,852 out of 15,000 pages read (might make this goal too!)
33. Swann's Lake of Despair - Charles Salzberg
34. Almost a Bride - Patricia McLinn

34 out of 50 books read
10,024 out of 15,000 pages read

Not much reading will get done today. I'm doing the Daily Showdown challenge on Fitbit. Goal for today? 30K steps which is about 12 miles. If I make that I get my 25K and my 30K badges. Whee!
Didn't realize I haven't posted in a few months, I've obviously been very busy reading!

17. My Super Spy Diary - Emily Gale
18. Real Life Ghost Encounters - Jeff Belanger
19. Breakout - Kevin Emerson
20. Sleeping Beauty - A. L. Singer
21. Valkyrie Rising - Ingrid Paulson
22. The Grave - Christopher Pike
23. Find Her, Keep Her - Z. L. Arkadie

24. The Color of Heaven - Julianne MacLean
25. Bogeyman - Gayle Wilson
26. Ramrod the Combat Snake - Mark Berent
27. The Healer - Sharon Sala
28. Reckless Nights in Rome - C. C. MacKenzie

29. Hidden Summit - Robyn Carr
30. Kiss the Moon - Carla Neggers
31. Open: How We'll Work, Live, and Learn in the Future - David Price
32. The Romanicpation of Maggie Hunter - Jane Sigaloff

32 out of 50 books read
9,484 out of 15,000 pages read
A Man Without Breath - Philip Kerr

16 out of 50 books read
5,364 out of 15,000 pages
12. Lovers at Heart - Melissa Foster
13. Field Grey - Philip Kerr

14. Prague Fatale - Philip Kerr
15. Yellowstone Heart Song - Peggy L. Henderson

15 out of 50 for the year (and currently 3 behind)
4,884 pages out of 15,000
If the Dead Rise Not - Philip Kerr

2,978 out of 15,000 pages
11 out of 50 books
8. The Liberation of Ravenna Morton - Suzanne Jenkins
9. The Dark Citadel - Michael Wallace

10. Racing Hearts - Kiersten Fay

10 out of 50 books read
2,978 out of 15,000 pages read

Totally going to make BOTH challenges this year...I hope! In the process of moving so I hope that doesn't set me back :/
A Quiet Flame - Philip Kerr

When he introduced Bernie Gunther in the original Berlin Noir trilogy, Philip Kerr immediately established himself as a thriller writer on par with Raymond Chandler. His new Bernie Gunther novels have won him comparisons with Alan Furst, John le Carré, and Graham Greene. A Quiet Flame finds Gunther in Argentina, circa 1950, where he- falsely accused of Nazi war crimes-has been offered a new life and a clean passport by the Perón government. But the tough, fast-talking detective doesn't have the luxury of laying low when a serial killer- whose crimes may reach back to Berlin before the war-is mutilating young girls. Taut, gritty, and loaded with evocative historical detail, A Quiet Flame is among Kerr's best work yet.

2,538 pages out of 15,000 read.
7 books out of 50 read.
Books in bold are recommended!

1. The Pale Criminal - Philip Kerr
2. A Question of Will - Alex Albrinck
3. A German Requiem - Philip Kerr
4. The One From the Other - Philip Kerr
5. Preserving Hope - Alex Albrinck
6. Lacuna - David Adams

2,122 pages out of 15,000 read.
6 books out of 50 read.

I'm done for and not in a bad way! :) :)